tz audio

Greetings and welcome to tz audio, your partner in sound system design, analysis, and measurement. We educate you and your staff on the proper use of advanced acoustic measurement tools. Our sound system engineering training courses emphasize a practical, hands-on approach. Check out our classes here!

We also help you source the necessary software and hardware for your projects. Our shop offers direct access to 10EaZy SPL logging systems, iSEMcon microphones, SLS IEM measurement tools, and Smaart measurement software. You can also purchase tickets to our classes in the shop. Check out our shop!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote on a private class at your rental or installation company, theatre, cultural house, university, engineering school, or any other location.

Led by Thomas Züllich, renowned for his professional audio expertise and exceptional teaching skills, these courses are conducted in small, focused groups. Our training sessions are typically held in real live venues rather than traditional conference rooms or classrooms.

from left to right, Sijin Prakash (Qatar), Eriks Zegelis (Latvia), Ole Martin Sandaker, Benjamin Tveit, Kristian Bronebakk, Morten Serigstad, Jan Eldar Brekke, Lars Årdal,Magnus Dahle Larssen, Igor Milosavljevic (Netherlands), Leik Raknes Finne, Thomas Sandhaug, Peter Othberg (Sweden), Jørgen Johansen, Kenth Lyshaug, Cesar Jose Catalan (Argentina/Germany) – all others from Norway