Smaart Measurement Software


Smaart was first developed in 1995 as a cost-effective software-based solution to audio analysis during a time when the choices for audio analyzers were limited to a small number of moderately to extremely expensive hardware devices – with very limited functionality by today’s standards. The Smaart brand went through a few ownership overlord changes until Rational Acoustics was founded in 2008 with the specific purpose of ensuring the continued development of the Smaart platform while substantially enhancing the educational and support efforts that back it.

System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool

Rational Acoustics Smaart has set the standard for sound system measurement and alignment at festivals, concert halls, and theaters as well as on tour with a number of world-renowned artists.

Smaart is a dual-channel, FFTbased platform to analyze sound systems and room acoustics. With Smaart, you can examine sound systems in detail and solve problems. It is a very powerful software that can be used on Windows and Mac computers. Smaart is used by professional sound system engineers to identify tones/frequencies and to help with sound system alignment and equalization.

The audio engineer can find out what the equalizers, delays, speakers, and acoustical environments (room) are doing to the signal. He can use this information to adapt the sound systems to your rooms or even vice versa.

System Measurement

A system has input and output. Smaart is built to analyze these input and output signals to view their individual level, frequency, or duration components. We can then analyze these signals directly as Spectrum measurements (RTA, Spectrograph) to see what the signals are, or indirectly as Transfer Function measurements (frequency response, impulse response) to see how the signals were changed by the system (input vs output).

Acoustic Analysis

By doing system measurements in, and of, acoustic environments, we can use those measurements to help figure out how we can adapt our sound systems to our rooms, or vice versa.

Real-time Tool

This extremely powerful analyzer was built to be used when and where we actually use our sound equipment – real-time in shops, at install sites, during load-ins, and most importantly, in actual show environments.

Each edition of Smaart – Smaart Suite, Smaart RT, Smaart LE, Smaart SPL – is defined by which of the above measurements it creates and to what level of functionality & detail it produces those data types.

What Types of Measurements Does Smaart Perform?

Frequency Response

  • Single Channel RTA & Spectrograph
  • Dual-Channel Transfer Function
  • Magnitude
  • Coherence
  • Phase
  • Live IR

Impulse Response

Acoustical data like:
  • Reverberation
  • Early Decay Times
  • Intelligibility metrics like:
  • STI 
  • Clarity

Sound Pressure Level Monitoring

  • Logging
  • Reporting
  • Remote viewing

Training Classes

You are not left alone with the software. Rational Acoustics has developed a very popular training program.