Rational Acoustics RTA-420

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The Rational Acoustics RTA-420 is a tremendous little budget-friendly measurement mic with an impressively flat response curve for its price.

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Looking for an affordable measurement microphone that doesn’t compromise on quality?

Look no further than the RTA-420. Whether you’re a student starting out in system measurement or a seasoned pro needing a reliable backup mic, the RTA-420 is a perfect choice. This mic is also a great cost-effective option for multi-mic measurement setups. With its impressive frequency response and sturdy steel construction, the RTA-420 delivers measurement performance that rivals high-end microphones that cost significantly more.

It’s worth noting that the RTA-420 has a lower maximum SPL, which means it may not be the best choice for critical or concert-level SPL measurements. However, it’s still highly accurate at more modest levels. We recommend purchasing at least one microphone better suited to the task for critical SPL measurement and reserving the RTA-420 for your spatial frequency response measurements.

NOTE: The Rational RTA-420 is PIN 3 HOT and requires the 10mm calibrator adapter for use with the iSEMcon SC-1 Microphone calibrator.

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