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Elizabeth Paglione

Elizabeth PaglioneLicensing Lass 

Phone: +1 860-928-7828

Liz joined the Rational Acoustics team just in time for the release of Smaart v8. Although she is new to the audio industry, Liz’s background in computer technology makes her a perfect fit. CompTIA certified and a veteran to the sneaky Windows 10 Automatic Upgrades, Liz has the toolset to help form the bridge between the audio world and the real world, getting past all that crazy computer stuff. Riding along as the Technical Support Crush Apprentice, Liz accumulated a wide variety of skills to help make sure Smaart is behaving whenever you start it up. With “Error 523” as her middle name, if you run into any trouble with licensing your Smaart software, Liz will be the person that gets you up and running again.

She is also highly capable with a soldering iron, and her knack for repairing electronic components has saved quite a few pieces of equipment around the office from the waste bin.