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report – SMART Class, OSLO, Riksteatret, April 2022

12 eager sound engineers from all over Norway, Sweden & Lithuania came and spent 4 days learning how to optimise a sound system with Smaart.

Henrik Gjøsæter, Kolbjørn Lysol, Fredrik Hagland, Thomas Trelease, Said Rifay, Klas Praméus, Rune Bjønnum, Sigbjørn Lillestøl, Vytautas Stasiukaitis, Øyvind Skaaden, Øyvind Kobberstad, Stian Aune

The classes were taught by Rational Acoustics Scandinavias own Thomas Züllich. The 4 days were split in tow sections. The first 3 days Smaart Operator Fundamentals were taught. The engineers learned how to properly and also quickly set up a Smaart measurement rig to perform single and dual channel FFT measurements. 

The physics and math behind acoustics were freshened up as well. Setting up a Smaart rig is very efficient, but needs to have a good understanding of magnitude, time & phase when reading the Smaart graphs.

The 4th day was used to practice what one had learned in the previous 3 days. A multi channel sound system was set up, aligned and tuned to perfection and even an end fire subwoofer array added to the setup.

Everybody left for home with a big smile on their faces.

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