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Seasons greeting to all!

A very interesting year, was it a good one for you?

This year has been filled with some great and some very strange events. From the Rio Olympics to Brexit, and the American Election you can’t say this year hasn’t been eventful!

For rational acoustics it was a very exciting year. Smaart v8, the most powerful, flexible and adaptable version of Smaart to date, was released on March 15th, 2016. The new product was phenomenally well received by the marked.

The distribution and customer support in Scandinavia was revamped with a totally new concept run by long time friend and supporter Thomas Züllich. The Scandinavian Smaart Partner Program started in fall this year.

Stay tuned and follow for upcoming classes and workshops. There´s lot´s of activity in the pipeline.

We wish you a pleasant a peaceful holiday season.