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Smaart Operator Fundamentals class at Konsertsystemer, Oslo

Konsertsystemer, a renowned sound company in Norway, recently held a smaart class in their state-of-the-art recording studio, Studio A. For those unfamiliar, smaart is an acronym for “Sound Measurement Acoustical Analysis Real Time Tool,” a powerful software used by sound engineers to optimize and troubleshoot sound systems.

The class was led by Thomas Züllich, a certified Smaart instructor with years of experience in sound system design and optimization. The class covered various topics, from acoustics and sound system design to advanced measurement techniques using the smaart software. Participants were able to use the studio’s equipment and facilities to gain hands-on experience with the software and learn how to optimize sound systems for different environments.

The engineers at Konsertsystemer are taking the exams to pass the Level 1 certification, a mark of expertise in using the smaart software and highly valued in the sound industry. The class was a valuable learning experience for the engineers and demonstrated Konsertsystemer’s commitment to providing high-quality sound systems and services to their clients.

Konsertsystemer is a well-known company in the Norwegian sound industry, providing sound systems and services for concerts, events, and festivals. Their expertise ranges from small corporate events to large-scale festivals, and they are known for their commitment to high-quality sound and professional service.

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