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Smaart v8.1 Released


v8.1 is the first major version update to the Smaart v.8 measurement platform. An overview of the new features in the 8.1 release is included below. This is a major version update with significant feature additions and interface modifications and is recommended for all Smaart v.8 users.

Primary Feature Additions

  • Complete Re-Work of Data Handling

A hybrid of the best data handling features from v7 and v8.0, v8.1 offers an intuitive, enhanced set of controls and functions for managing your Smaart data.

-Introducing the Session Folder for improved day-to-day/gig-to-gig data management. Pinned to the top of the data bar, the new Session Folder serves as the target location for all new captured data. Automatically named with the current date when created, the Session Folder may be re-named or swapped out at any time.

-Trace hide/show controls return to the measurement engines and Data Bar. A la v.7, hide/show control can be accessed directly by clicking on the icons in the data bar and engine controls.

-In-Plot Graph Legends for quick management of the traces in a plot. Accessed via the Z-Order drop down arrow in the upper right corner of a plot, the new graph legends allow you to quickly re-order or hide traces, move them between plots, or view, bypass and re-enable any applied dB offsets.

-Improved Global Program Data Bar for more intuitive handling of captured traces. Keep all your data organized and at your fingertips with nested folders and added options such as “New Folder from Selected”, and the quick average of many selected traces of the same type via right select>”Average”.

  • Multi-Spectrum Plot View shows all running spectrum engines in their own plot, with an additional Full-Screen Plot-in-Focus hotkey accessible via the View menu, or their respective Hot Keys.
  • Built-in Program updater. When connected to the internet, you may ‘Check for Updates’ from the File menu to ping the Rational server for available downloads.
  • “Create Meters” Button Added to IO-Config for automatic Broadband Meter configuration based on selected inputs for an input device.
  • New API Options tab with API password protection, as well as IP/Hostname info.
  • Added Tab Run-State Option where measurement engines may be set to continue their run status in the background when switching between tabs.

A complete list of the 20+ new and improved features in Smaart v8.1 (including bug fixes), as well as a new version of the Smaart v8 User Manual, updated for v8.1, can be found in the v8 Support section.  Also, a full Revision History including new features and bug fixes, detailed function descriptions, and a full listing of all accelerator (hot) keys is included in Smaart’s Help files.


  • Log in to your license management account at
  • Click on the “Downloads” tab in the top menu
  • Download the v8.1 installer for your specific operating system and run it.
  • DO NOT deactivate Smaart to install the v8.1 update.  Simply download the installer and run it.

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