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In co-operation with the Møre & Romsdal Fylkeskommune and initiative of Lydkjelleren AS of Ålesund there will be a combined Smaart Operator fundamentals & Application Practicums class held in the first week of October 2021.

The venue of the class will be the Sykkylven Kulturhus by the beautiful vests coast of Norway. Sykkylven culture house is the towns cultural centre, and houses everything from cinemas to concerts, theater, dance events, weddings and birthday celebrations. The main theatre was recently upgraded to a new ADAMSON line array system installed by Lydkjelleren AS.

The class will be held in the main theatre room, which means that the students have full access to a real world environment. This will allow for a lot of practical use of Smaart.

Due to the governmental funding of the course, the fees are depending on your location of residence and other factors, but will not exceed 4.400 kr. / 2000 kr. respectively.

Lydkjelleren AS is North-West Norway’s leading companies in AV, sound, light and stage. The company was established in 1991, and has 12 permanent employees with a total of several hundred years of experience. Lydkjelleren AS takes assignments all over the country, and always focus on high quality equipment and services.

Sykkylven is a municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It is part of the Sunnmøre region.

Sykkylven bridge over Sykkylven fjord.
View over Sykkylven
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