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Testing in ear monitors …

… made easy!

with the SLS Audio MiEMi™

Every monitor engineer certainly is, or at least should be, wondering about the similarity the audio experience is for him vs the performer experience.  if you are experiencing the same audio as the performer. Personal hearing capability aside, these questions naturally arise:

  • Is there a technical problem with the performer IEM`s?
  • Is there a technical problem with the engineers IEM`s?
  • how sonically similar are the IEM´s ?

You get it. You really can’t tell, can you? Especially not in a heated situation with a complaining performer. With multi driver IEMs it can be very difficult to tell wether a single driver is defective, for example. This tiny failure causes all kinds of issues, which are nearly impossible to diagnose properly. On top of all that, custom made IEMs are in the way, so to speak, of assessing audio performance. They are mechanically adapted to one, specific set of human ears, not somebody else’s. 

So here comes MiEMi™, which enables the engineer to utilise the great potential of audio analysers to qualify the IEM´s performance beyond just being able wether it works or not. This small, but highly sophisticated adapter is basically a small cylinder that sits on the end of a measurement mic. Bingo, now you can use your audio analyser to measure IEM´s quickly with reliably results. 

With MiEMi™ attached within your Smaart environment, you can now properly analyse any IEM system.

The SLS Audio MiEMi-m™ laser machined aluminium in ear testing adapter. – MiEMi for short

The high precision laser cut aluminium gives you an extremely accurate tool at hand. The solid, polished aluminium body is rugged, durable and pleasing to the eye and hand.

All MiEMi’s are assembled by hand and tested. MiEMi-m is available in 7mm(1/4″) size to be combined with the iSEMcon EMX7150.

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