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Dr. Barbara Mattson

Sales and Logistics Superwoman

Phone: 860-928-7828

Known to Smaart users worldwide as “Barb”, Barbara was minding her own business in the service department of EAW when Jamie came along in 1999 and convinced her to work in the new SIA Software division handling Smaart sales logistics. And just when she had almost forgiven him he did it again in 2009, convincing her to come work for Rational Acoustics.

Over the past 13 years Barb has looked up more licenses, issued more PIC codes and shipped more Smaart packages than anyone on the planet. This makes her invaluable to all of us here at Rational as well as to every Smaart user who’s ever had their computer fried by an errant beer at a gig or washed that little piece of paper in their pants pocket where they had written down their license code.

Little known fact about Barb…. don’t piss her off.