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The Honorable John Aldrich

Boy Wonder

Phone: +1 860-928-7828

John joined the Rational Acoustics clan in January 2011 to take on the task of managing all things support-related. This means he’s one of the guys on the other end of the phone or e-mail when you contact us to say that Smaart is suddenly no longer playing nice with your i-o device or that you got the dreaded error code 543 and are now freaking out. He’s also the guy who runs Smaart development projects and gets to shake out new software release candidates and try to break them.  And in his copious spare time he also manages the bug reporting & beta tester program.

John is a computer suuuper-geenius. Don’t let him tell you differently. He’s got no less than 5 Mac Pro’s at his house that he does unspeakable modifications to,  just for fun.

Little known fact about John…even though his name is spelled j-o-h-n, it’s pronounced Karl.