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Smaart Intro Workshop tour 2020

These events had to be cancelled in light of the Corona virus situation.

In March 2020 we will conduct a few Smaart Intro Workshops at our new dealers in Scandinavia. These events are geared towards all professionals interested in Smaart v8, Smaart SPL or 10EaZy.

This 4 hour Workshop will give you a good insight in what Smaart is used for and when and why you should measure your sound systems with it.

There will be a focus on SPL measurements and logging, which is a very interesting and very important topic for all using sound systems in live shows.
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10EaZy Network in Northern Europe

10EaZy and Rational Acoustics have increased the strategic cooperation which had started several years ago with Rational Acoustics taking on distribution of 10EaZy products in North America.

Since the release of Smaart v8.2, core 10EaZy features are now integrated into the Smaart environment offering a compelling set of features.

The next natural step in this collaboration was to broaden distribution. 10EaZy  products are now available through Rational Acoustics Scandinavia and the related dealer network.


10EaZy is a sound level meter that takes away all the complexity of measurements, and offers a turn key solution that any person can use and understand, regardless of functional area and experience.

10EaZy speaks the language of sound engineers and DJ’s. With clear numeric values as well as an intuitive and innovative way of predicting the future sound level,

10EaZy is  a unambiguous and highly intuitive user interface coupled with easy to use turn-key hardware for a complete measurement solution.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact for further information or product demonstrations. You find an overview of the cost here – pricing.