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Her Excellency Karen Anderson

Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Maven & Den Mother

Phone: +1 (860) 928-7828
Founding member of Rational Acoustics 

Karen has been working in professional audio for the past 20 years, although she’s not sure if that makes her a veteran, or just nuts. Armed with a degree in Theatrical Design from UC Berkeley in 1991, she quickly discovered she did not really like working in theater and took a job at Meyer Sound just to pay the bills while she re-thought her career path. Enchanted by the wacky personalities and cool products the audio industry had to offer, she decided to stick around at Meyer Sound for a while and see what happened. Several years, and a continuing education degree in Marketing later, she became the Marketing Manager at Meyer. During that time, she also met and married Jamie Anderson, who was working at Meyer Sound as SIM Training Mgr. In 1999, career opportunities, and less ridiculous housing prices, prompted Karen and Jamie to leave the Bay Area and move to the Northeast, where she took the job of Director of Marketing for Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).

During her tenure in the professional audio industry, Karen has done pretty much everything from wiring up tradeshow booths to designing brochures to managing multi-million dollar advertising budgets and planning lavish industry parties complete with playboy bunnies. And she’s also managed to learn a fair bit about sound systems in the process.

This wide breadth of experience comes in handy in her role of Rational Acoustics Den Mother, where her duties run the gamut from marketing and public relations to accounting, sales management to tradeshows, as well as general office management and reminding the guys to occasionally change their underwear.