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Preview: SMAART Data Modeler

During the ISE 2024 event in Barcelona, Thomas engaged in discussions with Jamie Anderson and Chris Tsanjoures regarding the latest advancements in SMAART technology. They provided an insightful overview of Rational Acoustics’ newest offering: the SMAART data modeler.

Smaart Data Modeler is a cutting-edge software tool crafted to facilitate virtual alignment and enhancement of audio systems. It empowers users to make adjustments in level, equalization, polarity, and timing, and observe the impact on Smaart measurement data.

Developed in collaboration with Eclipse Audio, Smaart Data Modeler can simulate filter configurations tailored to specific DSP devices. This functionality enables users to experiment with various filter settings and preview the combined response of multiple traces before finalizing adjustments on the DSP. For supported third-party DSP devices, settings can be exported as compatible file formats for seamless integration. In cases where devices are not supported, a generic DSP mode is available, allowing for manual implementation of settings.

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