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Report – Smaart class – April 3. to 5. 2023 – Arva trading AB, Stockholm, Sweden


In March 2023, Arva Trading in Solna hosted a Smaart class taught by Thomas Züllich. The class was fully booked with engineers from all over Sweden. The purpose of the class was to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the Smaart software and how it can be used for audio analysis.

Overview of the Class:

The class was designed for audio engineers who were already familiar with the basics of audio analysis. Thomas Züllich, a highly experienced audio engineer, led the class. The course content was divided into four sections. The first section covered the basics of sound and audio measurement theory. The second section introduced the attendees to the Smaart software and its interface. The third section covered measurement techniques and how to use Smaart to conduct different types of measurements. The final section focused on the practical application of Smaart in real-world situations.

The attendees were allowed to use their own laptops with the Smaart software installed, during the class. They were also given a comprehensive workbook with step-by-step instructions.

The class was highly interactive, with attendees encouraged to ask questions and participate in group discussions. Thomas Züllich was an excellent instructor, and his teaching style was engaging and easy to follow.


Overall, the Smaart class at Arva Trading in Solna was a great success. The attendees left with a much deeper understanding of audio analysis and how to use Smaart to conduct measurements. The hands-on approach of the class was highly effective in ensuring that the attendees were able to apply the knowledge gained in real-world situations. 

The fully booked class demonstrates the demand for high-quality audio engineering education in Sweden, and we can expect to see more classes like this in the future

ARVA trading AB, 17148, Stockholm, Sweden

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