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Smaart courses in fall 2018

This year Rational Acoustics is celebrating 10 years. We can look back at a very successful decade of making sense of the noise, and are very certain that there are many more very good years to come. The very high quality of the Smaart software is not the only reason of its great success.

The program has, without a doubt, become the worldwide standard in sound measurement software. But that is not all there is to it. The other main, and maybe even bigger part is our educational scheme. Since the beginning Rational Acoustics is running an extensive course program, second to none on the market. Many have been to our classes and many come back for more.

We learned that, for Scandinavia the classes are best run in fall and late winter. For fall 2018 we are offering the following classes. The courses will be taught by Rasmus Rosenberg.

Copenhagen, Denmark
3 day Smaart operator class – September 11th to 13th – hosted by SC Sound – in Danish language

Oslo, Norway
3 day Smaart operator class – October 2nd to 4th – hosted by Benum – in English

Stockholm, Sweden
3 day Smaart operator class – October 9th to 11th – hosted by Benum Sweden – in English

The proper implementation and use of 10 EaZy has been added to the Smaart curriculum, so the courses will give you a golden opportunity to learn more about SPL monitoring as well.

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