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report – Smaart class – March 20. to 23. 2023 – Timis County Youth Foundation, Timișoara, Romania

Timis County Youth Foundation, Timișoara, Romania in Timișoara, Romania was buzzing with excitement as 12 students gathered for the Smaart class taught by Thomas Züllich from March 20th to 23rd, 2023. The course was divided into the 3-day Smaart Operator Fundamentals and the 1-day Smaart Application Practicums Class.

The Smaart Operator Fundamentals provided an in-depth understanding of setting up a Smaart measurement rig and using Smaart to make single and dual-channel FFT measurements. The course also covered the fundamentals of system alignment, phase measurement, transfer function analysis, and more. The students were thrilled with the knowledge they gained and appreciated the hands-on experience.

The Smaart Application Practicums class focused on the practical use of the Smaart measurement platform in real-world professional audio engineer work. The course provided students with a wealth of knowledge on how to optimize sound systems and overcome challenges that arise during live events.

The Timis County Youth Foundation in Timișoara, Romania provided the perfect venue for the Smaart class. The students enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere and the opportunity to learn from Thomas Züllich, a renowned expert in the field. The course was a great success, and the students left with a newfound understanding of Smaart and its practical applications in professional audio engineering.

Overall, the Smaart class taught by Thomas Züllich was an incredible learning opportunity for anyone interested in professional audio engineering. The students gained valuable insights and practical experience, and the Timis County Youth Foundation provided the perfect setting for this exceptional course. Don’t miss out on future Smaart classes – sign up now and take your audio engineering skills to the next level!

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